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Using a gender based analysis framework, the BRAVE Committee coordinates the community’s response to gendered violence, domestic violence and sexual violence. Informed by an anti-oppressive, equity-seeking, intersectional lens, BRAVE responds to these forms of violence through: advocacy for improvements in existing systems, prevention and intervention initiatives, coordination and improvement of the flow of information between agencies to ensure a sound knowledge base for the application of domestic violence and sexual violence protocols, the promotion of education and training amongst agencies, and increased accountability in the delivery of each member agency’s respective service.

Guiding Principles to begin the process of integrating sexual violence into BRAVE’s purpose and objectives:

  • Sexual Violence is an issue that is related to but also distinct from domestic violence;
  • Responses to sexual violence require approaches that are proactive, preventative, and equity-seeking;
  • Central to our work as a committee are issues pertinent to our Aboriginal communities in relation to sexual violence;
  • Sexual violence impacts people of all genders but it does not impact everyone equally and, therefore, sexual violence prevention and response efforts require a gender-based analysis;
  • Each victim/survivor of sexual violence deserves to have their experiences validated;
  • No single experience of sexual violence is ever the same and, therefore, in order to understand the impact of violence on an individual it is crucial to employ an intersectional approach that takes account of an individual’s social and cultural location;
  • It is vital to recognize that individual experiences of violence are linked to larger systemic issues
  • Efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence within our local area requires an explicit recognition of the different communities in Brantford, Brant County, and Six Nations, and an appreciation of the varying needs of these communities;
  • Understanding systemic oppressions, such as racism, sexism, classism and so forth, is key to doing effective sexual violence prevention and response work

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Ministry of Community and Social Services and the Ontario Women's Directorate